Me hard at work!!

A bit about my life....

From an early age I was constantly "making things", trying my hand at knitting, crocheting, sewing or constructing items from whatever materials Blue Peter or Tony Hart suggested! An art foundation course at Middlesex Polytechnic took me away from my north Belfast suburb and confirmed an overriding interest in textiles leading to a degree in textile design at Winchester School of Art. Travel, three years working in Nepal and then a career in education followed but all the while I have continued to sew, collect and experiment with textile materials and techniques.


A bit about my ethos....

I am passionate about minimising waste and in recent years have worked on salvaging fabrics that have been previously used and giving them a new life and value. Using domestic textiles from my parents and grandparents generation, I cut, stitch, colour and combine with contemporary reclaimed textiles  to make new items for todays homes that contain colour, texture and history.

A bit about my designs....

Designs evolve according to the remnant that they started from, colours and patterns selected to tone or contrast and the resulting piece then made into a cushion, lampshade or wall piece. Particular colours combined with customers own fabrics can be used to create a truly unique and personal textile for the home. Each product is handmade in my workshop at home in south Manchester.

I love the give and take of ideas when working with others and how that can push you a wee bit out of your comfort zone so if you have a thought or idea and would like to get someone else involved please get in touch!